Goodbye Pelican, Hello Jekyll

simpler and simpler

It was nice to use Pelican as a way to learn Python, but Jekyll is simply more integrated into GitHub Pages.

Adventuring The Iron Wood

by Michael Kelly Reneer

and here is a wonderful tale of two
a most beautiful lady fairy-girl
twinkly wings and a singing kazoo
and with her a big big monster dragon
he would only eat piles of brussels
and she liked to grow them by the wagon

The Peel

by Michael Kelly Reneer

once upon the loaded lorry
the peel would meet her fate
who use to guard a juicy treat
that recently was ate

First Week At Microsoft

how I learned to use Outlook and sing karaoke

Microsoft offered me a position as an SDE. I accepted. I have experience developing on the various Apple platforms and frameworks, and Microsoft is realigning as a device and services company with some of the most useful applications offered on Apple platforms.

Mobile First With Bootstrap 3.0

mobile >> desktop

Bootstrap 3.0 was released a couple of weeks ago and there is plenty of information on thier blog about what this new version brings to the table, improvements, how to migrate, etc … My experience migrating to Bootstrap 3.0 has been super positive, which probably isn’t much perspective when I am only using the grid system and some utilities, but: give credit where credit’s due.