Michael Kelly Reneer

First Week At Microsoft

how I learned to use Outlook and sing karaoke

Microsoft offered me a position as an SDE. I accepted. I have experience developing on the various Apple platforms and frameworks, and Microsoft is realigning as a device and services company with some of the most useful applications offered on Apple platforms.

Thus I started at Microsoft ...

Approximately two-hundred new ...

Mobile First With Bootstrap 3.0

mobile >> desktop

Bootstrap 3.0 was released a couple of weeks ago and there is plenty of information on thier blog about what this new version brings to the table, improvements, how to migrate, etc ... My experience migrating to Bootstrap 3.0 has been super positive, which probably isn't much perspective ...

Crows Upon The Horizon

By Michael Kelly Reneer

oh sweet cryin' babe
stepped unto your brave new world
with apollo on horizon
and on a shaky voice
crows calling all the land rejoice
for the dawning of a newborn

and with the time goes walkin' by
great fears that live alone
valleys casting shadows
upon yonder mountain home ...

The Man Who Stopped

By Michael Kelly Reneer

this end of the road comes nearer
becoming trees on either side
and footsteps winding among them
to where the lost men hide

the sun is high overhead
shining down through the leaves
like red-gold waterfalls
lifted by such slightest breeze

and there is one skeleton
propped up as a ...

The Bootstrap Fixed Grid

implementing a responsive fixed grid

One of the first things I wanted to do with my blog - after exploring pelican - was to begin digging into some responsive layouts. I wanted a fixed grid design with various layouts and I wanted to test out a framework instead of build from scratch.

Surprise, I ended up implementing ...