Adventuring The Iron Wood

by Michael Kelly Reneer

and here is a wonderful tale of two
a most beautiful lady fairy-girl
twinkly wings and a singing kazoo
and with her a big big monster dragon
he would only eat piles of brussels
and she liked to grow them by the wagon

they were adventuring the iron wood
the deepest and darkest spidery nooks
where the fair folk feared in all likelihood
something had stolen the schools saxophone
where they met a mouse and a butterfly
having their tea and a blueberry scone

have you seen anything odd around here
only the sun and the grass is green
and the fairy-girl laughed their answer queer
and the monster dragon said to grassie
have you seen any scary goings-on
maybe near the old sea plane chassis

and on and on they went asking about
they got lost in a mucky mushroom patch
the fairy-girl climbed up an old bean-sprout
the monster dragon swam in lava fire
and they could not find the musical thing
so they could not fix the fair folks choir

they were adventuring the iron wood
and they returned to the town empty handed
only to be very surprised where they stood
for all the town was dancing and smiles
and a fair tune floated in from the park
and there were wisps in the skies for miles

there was a simple misunderstanding
no one had stolen the schools saxophone
no mysterious ransom demanding
it was a beautiful happy birthday
and every little magic invited
because wisp was growing oder today