Music Box

by Michael Kelly Reneer

oh music box of the ocean
you washed ashore in mystery
pushed overboard in commotion
oh you were lost far out at sea
now you caress the sand again
for those who walk the shore to see
you sing of all those travels when
you fell amidst the ships debris

oh music box of the ocean
look how those clouds are walking by
viewing sunlight in slow motion
not caring what you are or why
the beach is full of things like this
the people walking by they say
oh what could a box reminisce
then like those clouds they walk away

oh music box of the ocean
a day will come when your skies clear
and he lays down in emotion
he’s just begging his heart to hear
you pour open your lullaby
when you share all that you fear
it’s why the sun shines in the sky
because your smile lasts a year

oh music box of the ocean
oh he’ll do anything for you
he’ll dig away all the old sand
and make you laugh when your heart’s blue
will you sing now that you are free
he won’t wander where those clouds blew
and you’ve returned from the sea
you now know your journey is through