Save Me

by Michael Kelly Reneer

me name is pirate joe flow
and we gotta hacked-up boat
rowin’ and rowin’ to shore
lookin’ in me cracked-up scope

we sail up to me land ho
and quicken our sped-up float
with the sails tied tight yo
and rum in our dried-up throat

gotta patch in me eye
could not see ya baby
washed up to ya feet
gotta hope ya save me
lookin’ fer me treasure
and I saw what I see
me parrot flew away
to where me heart may be

so got me one leg left now
only it’s me lame that’s wood
both me hand are here with five
to find me treasure I could

see me right eye is patched
and on me left shoulder stood
a parrot that talks more
than any mate ever would

two bandanas on me neck
and mean as a bronze mace
so when ya come up to me
I’ll rip off and bite ya face

and in me goes more liquor
to me gullet with no chase
more than any man alive
but two more’ll end the race


but me boats hung on ya’ reef
crew went and rowed into it
ya’ isle jumped in me path
me boats where the wind blew it

and pirate life’s got me heart
black and with a hole through it
this life was never for me
though me mates never knew it

now me crews all bruised-up
they slippin’ into town now
broken, black, and jacked-up
draggin’ feet from they folly

see they’ll sail to the seven
without me as they captain
as ya me island heaven
pirate life ain’t happenin’


there’s no spittin’ fer me now
no bar hoppin’ and no rum
no booty and no cool thou’
me devilish work be done

and now this ta ya I vow
me pirate life is over
with me ruckus and me row
and it is not easy said

that all the treasure they have
all the pirates on the sea
hold nary a water drop
to the love I have for thee

so what to say to the sun
as she sets down on me boat
say I’ll give it all away
as she keeps me men afloat